Music Theory and Musicianship

Music Theory

Learning about music theory is incorporated into all piano, violin and singing lessons with Miss Anna C Smith, as appropriate to the age and goals of each student. This can include working towards graded theory exams, if desired. The main goal is to equip every student to be able to pick up a new piece of music and understand it, so they can be confident learning to play/sing it.

Lessons focusing solely on music theory are also available. These could be suitable for someone who is learning an instrument, sings in a choir, or just would love to know what the dots on the page are all about!


Have you always envied those who can sing music at first sight, improvise, transpose, or play by ear? Do you find it tricky to sing "in tune", or to keep in time as you play? Does it seem as though some people just have these skills, and you don't? Good news - all these things can be learned! Whether alongside learning an instrument, or on their own, musicianship lessons are available, based on the tried and tested Kodaly approach.

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